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Audacy Calls BS on Bankruptcy Blog Post

[ad_1] After a blog post by Jerry Del Colliano titled “David Field Confirms Audacy Bankruptcy” which failed to confirm Audacy’s bankruptcy, Audacy fired back. The title of the blog post was tweeted (then deleted) by a WGBH Boston news anchor as a fact, then picked up by numerous Boston media personalities, including Barstool Sports founder […]

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Mercy, Symmetra changes detailed in Overwatch 2 blog post

[ad_1] The June 28 patch for the Overwatch 2 beta saw Mercy and Symmetra undergo significant nerfs. Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability could no longer be canceled while crouching and would automatically launch players into the sky if they reached the end of its range. Symmetra no longer generated ammo when damaging barriers. After a week […]

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From blog post to ASCO session

[ad_1] “Cancer Moonshot” is almost a common phrase in the United States. When then-Vice President Joe Biden first announced the $1.8 billion initiative in 2016, he set himself the lofty goal of “ending cancer as we know”. The primary focus of Cancer Moonshot was genomics, precision therapy, immunotherapy and artificial intelligence. At that time, I […]

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CFPB Blog Post and Report Focused on Student Loan Servicing

[ad_1] The Student Loan Service has been the subject of recent attention from the CFPB in the form of a blog post, “Busting Myths About Bankruptcy and Private Student Loans,” and a report (entitled “Special Feature”) titled “Student Loan Borrowers Potentially at Risk When Payment Suspension Ends.” Both of these raise compliance risks for student […]

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Journey to the Final Fantasy XIV Data Center detailed in a blog post

[ad_1] Those hoping to travel through the region will be disappointed. Final Fantasy XIV players are gearing up for patch 6.1, scheduled for mid-April. The update, titled “Newfound Adventure,” will add new main story quests and side content, as well as job adjustments, a new alliance raid, and a much-needed in-game character and lore glossary. […]

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Crowfall founder gives insight into sale in latest blog post

[ad_1] Yesterday we reported that Crowfall was purchased by independent game studio Monumental, which developed the game Mythgard. ArtCraft plans to move on to other projects, and it will no longer be associated with the development of Crowfall, but that didn’t stop founder, J. Todd Coleman from giving a little background on the project, and […]


Where Can I Get an Emergency Cash Loan?

It’s not always predictable. Sometimes, you might be lost in the process because of an unexpected issue that needs quick access to funds to deal with the circumstance. However, as most of these situations are unexpected and unplanned You may not have enough cash to get you through the situations mentioned above. Therefore, cash loans that are […]