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Best Free Blogging Sites to Start Your Fashion Blog in 2021

Scroll to see more images So you love fashion. Like you really really love fashion. But if crunching the dough for FIDM or FIT doesn’t seem to be in the cards, and if starting a clothing line from scratch seems like quite a difficult task, you need to find other options. The best (and cheapest) […]

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Blog post: Trouble at N26 – BaFin plans to limit new business for neobank

Yesterday (August 19, 2021), Handelsblatt – one of Germany’s most respected business newspapers – reported that German financial supervisor BaFin was considering limiting what new business N26 would be able to do. This would not only – potentially severely – limit the growth of the neobank, but would hamper the efforts of their current fundraising […]

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Horizon Forbidden West delay rumors escalate after PlayStation Germany blog post

When it comes to Horizon forbidden to the westIt was initially revealed that the game would launch before the end of 2021. Likewise, the highly anticipated sequel is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Now rumors suggest we won’t be seeing the game until 2022. It started with credible reporters with sources close […]

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Blog: Post the sale of a COVID-19 representative

As if being a furniture sales representative wasn’t difficult enough before COVID-19, it’s downright crazy now. Many players in the industry are fighting their own battles with the flow of products due to supply chain disruptions and are starting to understand what place a good representative has in the sales process. Before COVID-19 shut down […]