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NRDC Calls Pebble Mine Parent Company ‘Tone Deaf’ In Blog Post

After the Environmental Protection Agency’s comment period recently ended to further protect Bristol Bay, the Natural Resources Defense Council has reacted to Pebble Mine’s parent company’s own comments to the EPA. . First, here’s what Northern Dynasty Minerals said earlier this month: “The comments we filed today make it clear that there is absolutely no […]

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AI ESG Risks: What Investors Need to Know | blog post

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is booming. A 2021 PwC survey of 1,000 companies found just 5% were not using AI, up from 47% a year earlier. This trend has also manifested itself in venture capital, with investors spending some US$75 billion on AI in 2020, according to the OECD. Eight years earlier, that figure […]

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The good side | BusinessGreen blog post

It is, as they say, hope that kills. There are obviously good reasons for green businesses to feel discouraged right now. The UK is facing the darkest economic winters, the new Prime Minister’s historic engagement on climate and environmental issues has been negligible at best, and she has just handed an avowed climate skeptic responsibility […]

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Endeavor Metals Group launches new blog entry on the merits of buying gold in a turbulent economy

The Florida-based precious metals company recently published a thought-provoking essay on why acquiring gold can provide security in an unpredictable financial landscape. WEST PALM BEACH, FL /ACCESSWIRE/September 7, 2022/ Endeavor Metals Group, a Florida-based precious metals company, launched an official corporate blog earlier this year with the goal of educating everyday consumers on issues related […]

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V Rising looks to the future with a new development blog

Big steps After a massive launch, with over a million players in a single week, Stunlock Studios is looking to the future for its vampire survival game V Rising. Today the developer released the latest blog post for the game. Of course, it provides details from the developers about the next steps for the game. […]

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CZ’s latest blog post is just the latest proof he’s leading with a big heart

We live in an online world. It’s also a time when hot takes are rewarded with controversy, clicks, and engagement. Generalizations are good. “Likes” are the new motto. My mom likes to say that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This rule does not apply to Twitter, however, […]

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Audacy ‘Bankruptcy’ Blog Post Riles CEO of Radio Company – Billboard

Radio and podcast giant Audacy, Inc. is considering legal action against a New York University professor over a blog post that says Audacy’s chief executive has confirmed the company is in bankruptcy, according to an internal memo seen by Billboard. In the memo, the president and CEO of Audacy David Champ said the title of […]

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Microsoft’s latest blog post assures regulators its deal with Activision Blizzard will benefit everyone

Microsoft is doing its best to make regulators realize that its acquisition of Activision Blizzard will benefit everyone. The Washington-based tech giant recently published a blog post showing how beneficial its acquisition of Activision Blizzard is for the gaming industry. The company previously announced that it had reached an acquisition deal with Activision Blizzard worth […]