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A blog post gives an overview of the 2022 Situational Writing O Level English Exam

Lee Xuan-Zhi – the rogue English tutor – gives his opinion on the situational writing task of the O level English exam 2022, paper 1. He also reveals the secret of an A1 during the O level English exam.

The O Level 2022 Paper 1 English Exam is a surprise, and many students and their teachers have been blindsided by the situational writing task this year.

According to Lee Xuan-Zhi – the self-proclaimed Rogue English Tutor – the N- and O-level English exams contained surprises in the situational writing task, and students were caught off guard by the sudden appearance of rather unexpected.

The O Level 1 English exam required students to write an official letter for Section B, a requirement that has not surfaced since 2019.

With 2019 looking “close enough”, Lee reminds everyone that – in terms of frequency – emails have been the favorites.

“In the past 5 years, not including 2022, email as a question has appeared 4 times, while official letter as a task has only appeared once.”

“So it’s reasonable for many English teachers to expect the email to appear as a task again,” Lee commented.

Critics might argue that with the official letter barely out, it makes sense to expect it to appear this year.

To this, Lee is quick to add that “hindsight is 20/20”.

Or in his words: “We always know which football team is going to win after the game is over.”

Lee also had something to say about the situational writing task for the 2022 N level English exam.

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In his blog post, Lee also briefly mentioned the secret of passing the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level English Exam.

Lee believes that when it comes to the O-level English exam, it doesn’t matter if a student takes it in 2022, 2023 or 2030.

“I saw the transition of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level English program from 1127 to the current 1128. Add that to when I was teaching students before the year 2000, you can say I I saw several changes in the English curriculum.”

“There will be other changes – but small ones – for students taking the exam from 2023. But that doesn’t really matter. Because if the fundamentals are good, it doesn’t matter what curriculum,” commented Lee.

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About Lee Xuan-Zhi

Lee Xuan-Zhi – formerly known as Lee Lin-Cher – is a former teacher and prolific writer.

The bespectacled man – well known for his irreverent humor and classroom antics – is loved and hated by students in equal measure, and has a wealth of experience teaching English and literature at secondary level. .

Having taught both in class and private lessons since 1993, the Lifelong Educator is a subject matter expert on the subject of the English language as taught in Singapore schools, particularly at the secondary level. At the time of writing, the maverick educator has authored 16 books on the subject, spanning all grades from primary to secondary.

Today, Lee Xuan-Zhi dedicates her time to teaching students online and offline, writing new books on her major and non-core subjects, as well as pursuing her long-term hobby – real estate. and selling online – with whatever free time is left on his hands.

To learn more about Lee Xuan-Zhi, visit his website at

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