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A list of trending blogging sites in Kenya

Bonnita Aluoch. Kenyan Blog of the Year Winner, 2018 (photo /

Blogs are quickly catching up with Kenyans. In fact, there is even an association of bloggers. The Kenya Bloggers Association (BAKE) recognizes Kenyan bloggers who impact society through their blogging sites. It was launched in 2012. Since then, they have recognized Kenyan bloggers who do exceptional work.


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There are different categories of bloggers. There are bloggers who write about fashion, travel, food, the environment, city life, creative writing, politics, etc. Here is a list of trending blogs in Kenya.

This blog is currently the Kenyan blog of the year. This is a travel blog by Bonnita Aluoch. The rest of the trending blogs in Kenya are as follows: (NB, they are listed in no particular order)


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