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Atlanta Institute of Music and Media publishes blog post offering vocal audition tips

Duluth, Georgia –

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM), an accredited music school in Atlanta that offers various music degrees and certificates, has published a guide that novice singers preparing for a singing audition can learn.

A spokesperson for AIMM spoke about the article offering the best vocal audition tips for singers saying, “We are always posting new and interesting content to help those who want to enter the music industry. Whatever path you want to take to become great, the learning never stops. Whether you want to be a producer, instrumentalist or singer, there is always a new challenge to face and a new step to accomplish. With this latest blog post, we’re focusing on singers who want to prepare for a vocal audition. It could be a local or national singing competition, a music audition, or even an audition for a music school like AIMM. The new blog provides tips for music auditions, mindset for attacking audition, and even suggestions for recorded virtual auditions. We invite you to browse the article yourself. This will give you a head start if you are currently auditioning. If you are still in the early stages of your musical journey, consider learning more about AIMM and how we can help you achieve your dreams.

The blog post begins by acknowledging that auditioning can be a stressful experience because a lot of things come from it. It’s natural to be nervous and therefore deliver a performance that doesn’t fully match one’s abilities. To ease this harrowing experience, the article recommends a few techniques to strengthen one’s mindset.

The article says singers should choose a song they are comfortable with and familiar with. It doesn’t have to be easy or trivial to sing, but the singer needs to be familiar with its intricacies to be able to nail every note. Singers should also take care of their voice which is their main “instrument” by doing proper vocal warm-ups, singing from the diaphragm, resting the voice, performing breathing exercises and staying hydrated before the audition.

It is also important to know what type of gig or talent show you are auditioning for. It helps to ask questions about the event, such as what talent and vibe the audition organizers are looking for, what’s next after the audition, how many songs need to be prepared, do they put emphasis on musical, vocal, singing skills, styles, or singer characteristics and appearance, and more.

Once all of the audition details are checked out, it’s time for the positive pep talk to motivate themselves to put their best foot forward when standing on the audition stage. The music industry is very competitive and self-confidence is an important quality to survive the challenges it can pose. The audition is meant to be a stepping stone and believing in yourself is just the first hurdle you need to clear to have a long career in the music industry.

The article then asks performers to maintain a compelling stage presence that can make audiences root for them. The more captivating the performance, the more likely the judges will choose the contestant. It is also recommended to dress according to the aesthetic expected by the event. After the performance is over, regardless of the outcome, singers should always thank the judges for the opportunity with professionalism and courtesy. Finally, the blog post also offers some tips for virtual auditions, such as ensuring proper audio quality, proper framing in the audition video, proper lighting, and a nice backdrop.

Recently, the Atlanta School of Music launched another blog post titled AIMM’s Ultimate Guide to Singing that gives tips for aspiring singers to improve their voice. Readers who would like to speak to a representative of the music school for more information on its many courses can contact AIMM at (770) 242-7717 or [email protected].


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