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Auditor General’s 2021-2022 Annual Report, blog post published

We have published our Annual report 2021/22 on our website.

The past year has reinforced, more than most, the importance of our work as an independent watchdog on the use of public resources. Our performance audits, surveys and good practice papers have complemented our lead audit role to help maintain confidence in the public sector through another challenging year – both for the public sector and for the Office .

Parliament continues to value our guidance and support in its role of holding the public sector accountable for its performance.

This report also describes the challenges we faced. The current global shortage of auditors and border restrictions in response to the pandemic continued to affect our ability to complete all audits within regulatory deadlines. Omicron has also affected our staff and the staff of the public organizations we work with. Despite these challenges and more, we completed 88% of audits of large government agencies on time. We actively address both the short-term issues of auditor shortages and the long-term issues facing public sector audits.

This annual report has also incorporated changes to the way we report on our own performance, including using a digital-first approach designed to help readers of the report. This reflects our recent good practice guidance in this area and is one aspect of the report that we will continue to develop in the future.

Parliamentary Environment Commissioner’s Report Reinforces the Need for Effective Public Accountability

In a new reportthe Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has called for better public accountability to deliver better results for the environment.

Concurrent with the release of this report, Auditor General John Ryan written on the relationship between effective public accountability, results and trust.

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