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Author George RR Martin concludes blog post on Elden Ring

George rr martin

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Having started his work on From Software’s Ancient ring years ago, around 2017-18, A song of ice and fire Author George RR Martin has now completed what may be his last writing on the game, posting an article on his personal blog.

Title Long time ago…, the blog post boils down to two full paragraphs, hinting that Martin, renowned for starting epic writings he can’t finish, may have learned to reign a bit over his ambitions in order to see something happen. complete and be published.

Here is the post, in which he drops both Railroad tycoon and the original Master of Orion mentions, which regulates:

A few years ago, Hidetaka Miyazaki and her amazing team of game designers, the creators of the DARK SOULS video game series, reached out to Japan asking me to help them create the backstory and story for a new game they were working on. Now video games aren’t really my thing – oh, I’ve played a few long ago, mostly strategy games like RAILROAD TYCOON, ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS and MASTER OF ORION – but this offers was too exciting to refuse. Miyazaki and her team at FromSoftware were doing groundbreaking things with magnificent artistry, and what they wanted from me was just a little world-building: a deep, dark, and resonant world to serve as the basis for the game I was playing. they planned to create. And it turns out that I love to create worlds and write an imaginary story.

So I did my part and passed it on to my new friends in Japan, and they took it from there. And the years passed. Video games are as big as movies these days (bigger, actually) … and take just as long to create.

But the day of ELDEN RING is finally near.

And I have to say it looks amazing.

Please note that it also concluded the post with this, which I had to capture as a gif as it is not an actual emjoi:

Ancient ring comes out on February 22, 2022, but you Ancient ring the monsters already knew that.

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