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Bachelor Star Susie Evans Pens Blog Post About Clayton Echard Split

The Bachelor star Susie Evans has opened up about the aftermath of her split from Clayton Echard. She also hinted at why their romance didn’t last.

Susie Evans from The single person wrote a blog post about her split from Clayton Echard. The two reality TV stars announced their breakup at the end of September, via a joint statement on Instagram. Fans weren’t shocked by Susie and Clayton’s split, especially after their wild fling throughout the season. Even after the reconciliation, the couple never hid that the relationship was not really smooth.

Susie opened up about her breakup with Clayton by writing a blog post on her website, Susie was like. Title “Breaking Thought” it was released on Monday, November 21, two months after the split was confirmed. The 29-year-old’s blog mainly reflected what she had learned at that time. The former Miss Virginia has repeatedly insisted on working on herself since enduring the very public breakup. She also gave readers a glimpse of her state of mind towards the end of the relationship. Admitting she was in “a fairly low place,” the stress of Susie and Clayton’s romance made people take notice “the shine had dulled.” She added, “Deep inside I was struggling and feeling misaligned with the best version of myself. I believe it was because I was trying to make something work that just wasn’t natural.” Calling it a “emotionally draining” times, she also admitted to having searched on Google “’Can you love someone without being compatible?’ » Expanding on this later, the wedding videographer said ending things with Clayton taught him that “A partnership rooted in love alone doesn’t always have the building blocks to grow big and strong.”


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Susie hints at the reasons behind Clayton’s split

Although she didn’t go into specifics, Susie hinted that she and Clayton did not agree on “crucial basic parts” necessary for a strong relationship. The Lindenwood University graduate then informed readers that they couldn’t”grow someone up or make them into someone they’re not quite ready to become yet.” Repeat the old adage “you can’t date a potential”, she added, “people can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves.” However, Susie indicated that there was no bad blood between exes. She said they would continue to support each other from afar, sharing, “there is so much more good that has come from this breakup, for me and Clayton.” Continuing to emphasize the positive, she wrote that they were both working on “finding happiness in ourselves and our passions.” Finally, she said, “Just because something didn’t last forever… doesn’t mean it wasn’t wonderful.”

Susie didn’t mention if she was dating again. For his part, Clayton is not yet ready to leave Susie. Like his ex, the former footballer’s post-separation priority has been self-improvement. He and Susie have faced a lot of criticism and speculation online from fans of the ABC franchise. Clayton started much earlier, when her casting was first announced. His behavior as a bachelor, particularly the Fantasy Suites fiasco that led to Susie’s initial exit, didn’t help.

Viewers were unhappy with Clayton’s season, as many felt she prioritized shocking drama over anything else. The backlash has sparked a lot of discussion within Bachelor Nation about the state of the long-running franchise. Following in Clayton’s footsteps in more ways than one, Zach Shallcross’ casting as a bachelor was also controversial. However, host Jesse Palmer promised that the next season would focus more on romance than drama. It remains to be seen whether the shift in focus will create a more stable winning pair.

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The single person will return in early 2023.

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