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Bethesda removes Starfield and Redfall mentions from Gamescom blog

Bethesda apparently dashed hopes of seeing new gameplay for Starfield and Redfall at Gamescom. Fans on Reddit have discovered that Bethesda has quietly deleted a line relating to the two games from its blog post, announcing a community event on the German game show next week.

The blog post originally said (via Eurogamer), “Come check out Redfall and Starfield gameplay and get your hands on Fallout 76 while you’re at it. Of course, we’ve got a few surprises and treats in store for you, too.”

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However, the blog post has now been edited to remove any mention of Starfield and Redfall.

Starfield won’t be entirely absent from Gamescom, however, as Bethesda is bringing Starfield’s companion robot, VASCO, to the show and allowing fans to take selfies with it.

As for other Microsoft games appearing at Gamescom, these will include several titles from Obsidian, including Pentiment and Grounded. Microsoft’s booth at Gamescom will also feature third-party games such as Happy Volcano’s You Suck at Parking and Gameloft’s Disney Dreamlight Valley.

For more, check out GameSpot’s recap of how to watch Microsoft’s Gamescom briefing on August 25 and what to expect. Gamescom 2022 kicks off with Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live event on August 23.

While Starfield and Redfall may not appear at Gamescom, fans can watch an in-depth 20-minute Redfall video in which developers Arkane Austin talk extensively about the title. Redfall and Starfield were scheduled to launch in 2022 before being delayed to 2023.

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