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BioWare blog post gives fans updates on Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic and upcoming Mass Effect title

A new BioWare post has updated fans on several games from the developer, including the upcoming dragon age and Mass Effect securities.

The blog post reveals the next dragon age the game is “in the middle of production” and that the team is “focused on building [its] vision: to create incredible environments, deep characters, strong gameplay, impactful writing, emotional cinematics – and much more. »

The post also detailed some personnel changes, such as the departure of Christian Dailey, who previously served as executive producer of the upcoming dragon age development. However, the team is in good hands. The production manager is Mac Walters, who has worked at BioWare for 18 years and recently led the development of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The team also includes Corrine Bushe, a game director with a solid background, including 15 years at EA, and director of product development Benoit Houle, who has worked on each dragon age title since Dragon Age: Origins.

Fans of other BioWare titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect also received minor updates in the blog post. the SWTOR the team recently released the Legacy of the Sith expansion and is “already focused on more updates to continue the celebration throughout the year.” Another team led by Mike Gamble is working on the next Mass Effect title, although it’s still about “prototyping new ideas and experiences”. The following Mass Effect the game is probably a long way off, so consider revisiting older titles in the meantime.

Fans can expect to hear more about the upcoming dragon age title via blog posts and social updates later this year.

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