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BioWare CEO addresses fans in “State of BioWare” blog post

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Gary McKay, CEO of BioWare, posted an article on BioWare’s official news blog outlining the studio’s plan for 2022. / BioWare, EA Games

Gary McKay, CEO of BioWare, posted an article on BioWare’s official news blog outlining the studio’s plan for 2022.

The post, released today Jan. 6, included McKay’s take on the challenges of his tenure over the past year with his challenges and how BioWare plans to rise up and respond to those tasks. He reviewed the steps taken by the studio despite the new coronavirus pandemic and reaffirmed several projects scheduled for release in early 2022.

“It’s been a little over a year since I took on the role of CEO of BioWare,” he wrote, “I wanted to take the opportunity to look back at 2021, talk about the current situation in as a studio and share some thoughts and plans for the future. “

“It was an absolute joy to run a studio with so many incredibly talented people, a team that always pushes the limits through innovation and a relentless pursuit of quality.” He began, noting that two team members recently took a quarter-century milestone with BioWare.

McKay also spoke about the success of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, released last May. The team are proud, he wrote, to be responsible for “one of the highest rated games on console” and the feedback from fans and the media has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

Of course, given the magnitude of the global pandemic crisis, BioWare did not come out unscathed. Like many other studios, it has had its fair share of challenges, ranging from learning a new way to structure work-life balance, to adopting different communication strategies at all levels. Regardless, the team held their own, both online and in the real world, despite being scattered across the continent.

He continued, “But it has also had its benefits. We came together as a studio to help each other out, even in our personal lives. We introduce ourselves to each other and come together as a team… The pandemic has us also learned a lot about how we can work together, even working across North America from hundreds of different locations. ”

To that end, McKay announced that BioWare will use a hybrid work-from-home model to give its employees flexibility in their schedules and opportunities. They also broadened their hiring pool from “people willing to move to Austin and Edmonton” to “new talent from anywhere in North America”.

As for new projects, Star Wars: The Old Republic has its next major expansion, Legacy of Sith, on track and is slated for release in February. Mass Effect’s next venture is also in the work which McKay pointed out the N7 Day poster published last November for clues. Dragon Age has its own team of “veteran … talented developers working on the next iteration of the franchise.”

McKay ended the post by sharing how thrilled he was for fans to see the full extent of what BioWare was capable of and, of course, wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

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