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BLOG – Post Flood – Semi-batch gravity concentrators are an eco-friendly choice – FVN

Fraser Valley (Catherine Hercus) – Water has been on our minds lately with the catastrophic flood damage in British Columbia, particularly on the Sumas Prairie.

Did you know that 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water? Unfortunately, only about 1% is soft water that can be used for drinking. The average Canadian uses 335 liters of water per person per day! That’s the equivalent of 670 500 ml water bottles!

With such a small amount of usable water available for our use, it is important not to waste it.

One of the mining machines produced by Fraser Valley Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. uses the force of gravity to capture fine gold and mineral particles. This technology not only collects tiny particles smaller than 10 microns, it is also environmentally friendly, using much less water and chemicals than similar machines.

One of the main differences between Sepro’s machines and those of their competitors is that they use much less water. Rather than squirting water throughout the bowl, it is only added to one-third of the bowl. This halves the amount of water used! Customers appreciate this environmentally friendly feature because they have to provide less water to run the machine.

Concentration by gravity not only reduces overall water use, it also reduces the use of chemicals in mining plants.

So what do Semi Batch gravity concentrators do? These machines are mainly used for the recovery of fine gold, silver and platinum. The gravity process collects ultrafine particles and produces high quality concentrates. The goal is to collect as many minerals as possible before the ore is processed further.

How do they work? Semi Batch gravity concentrators have bowls that spin at a high speed (revolutions per minute) at 200 Gs, or 200 times the force of a stationary object. One gram of force equals 35 km / h, so it’s fast!

The water is injected through small holes in the bowl. The materials flow to the center of the bowl through a pipe. The water injected into the bowls evacuates the mineral particles captured through holes in the base of the bowl as well as the waste.

These concentrators are the only devices on the market that retain particles both in an unfluidized area or layer in the bowl, and a “bed” below into which water is injected. Fine particles accumulate in the non-fluidized bed and coarser particles sink and are captured in the fluidized bed. Extremely fine gold accumulates which would otherwise be flushed out.

Sepro machines also require less maintenance than other machines and less operator intervention.

For more information, contact Sepro at 1-800-990-5568 or

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