Blog post: IEC 62443 – a standard you should know if you are working with security in ICS systems

What does IEC 62443 really mean and who can benefit from it? We tell you what the standard covers and what you need to think about if you want to follow it!

What is the IEC 62443 standard for?

IEC 62443 deals with industrial control systems (ICS systems). The objective of the standard is to improve the integrity, availability and confidentiality of components. The standard also defines criteria that can guide you when implementing secure systems.

What does the standard mean?

The standard consists of four parts: general, policies and procedures, system and making up. Broadly speaking, the standard relates to security requirements and processes within ICS systems.

Among other things, it is mentioned that users must be authenticated before they can access the system (which may seem obvious) and that they must be given the right degree of permissions, and their activities must be monitored.

It is also necessary to ensure that the systems cannot be manipulated, but also that it is not possible to reveal, without authorization, what type of information there is in the systems. Another aspect is that the availability of important functions in the systems must be ensured, also called resiliency. Systems should also be divided into zones and the flow of data between these zones should be limited.

It is very important that there is a system for incidents, which is called incident management. Violations should be reported to the appropriate forum and it should also be ensured that action is taken to deal with the violation.

Who is the standard for?

This standard may be relevant for owners of systems and facilities, but also for suppliers of products and services. If you are working with safety in industrial control systems, this is a standard you should know!

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