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Britvic: A Working Well blog post by Pedro Magalhaes, Managing Director Brazil

We are experiencing a revolution in the way we work and especially in our way of seeing work. This transformation, initially driven by the pandemic, has brought a series of new possibilities – previously considered remote, if not “impossible”.

The new scenario changed everything: our relationship with people, with our families, how to “go” to work, how to accomplish tasks, how we create harmony between our personal and professional life … There have been a lot of changes.

In addition to a new way of working, as everyone knows, 100% virtual and 100% at home, the new administrative office of Britvic in Brazil has also been created in São Paulo. Our new office which opened in October 2020 has one key feature: its size. It is 50% smaller than the previous one with 99% open space. Without barriers, bays or partitions, the remaining 1% are 5 meeting rooms with glass walls. The possibility of reducing space is a significant reflection of this new phase: it will no longer be necessary for the whole team to be physically in the office every day. We can have Britvickers anywhere in Brazil – or around the world, without needing to be in the same physical space every day, sometimes spending hours in traffic jams to get to the office. I am happy to share with you that since last year many employment contracts have gone from 100% in person to 100% teleworking. The result has been very positive.

In addition to what I said above, the environment will now be a place for internal or supplier meetings, interaction with the team, moments of creation and gatherings – we think it is very important to ” have a place where there can be interactions and exchanges of people. It matters. To facilitate this exchange, beyond the brand new concept, the furniture has also changed: tables in strategic formats take center stage so that everyone can interact, have ideas and discuss more openly. There are many places for interaction and co-creation … We also have spaces where the team can meet, serve themselves an ice cream and discuss a project sitting in our informal seating areas. If they wish, the team can sit at high tables located in our Premium space and have a special coffee with Teisseire, a fresh London Essence or a Britvic Tonic. There are plenty of options to savor their stay at the office! Another interesting point is that in this office we do not have printers. Yes, zero paper! Paper is obsolete!

We were very happy to finally be able to open the doors for the team to take advantage of this new environment on October 1, 2021 when we officially opened the office to 40% capacity. Although participation is completely optional, everyone is welcome, and it works well!

I conclude by saying that it is very interesting, and also stimulating, to follow the transformations of the current world and the speed at which it is happening. We’ve already made our new office space more modern and collaborative and we know we’re on the right track to providing a better place for people, for the environment and for Britvic.

Just like our new office, the new way we work has changed so that each of us, wherever we are, can enjoy life’s everyday moments more and in a better way!

Pedro Magalhaes | Managing Director Britvic Brazil


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