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Craig Wright’s New Blog Post Takes on “Collectivism and Abdera’s Protagoras”

Dr. Craig S. Wright’s latest blog post, “Collectivism and Protagoras d’Abdera”, discusses some socio-economic situations and styles of debate that we often see in society.

“Faith Ridler (2021) managed to capture many aspects of intellectual dishonesty and bankruptcy in her Daily Mail article titled Grave of “father of capitalism” Adam Smith included in Edinburgh council’s “ridiculously biased” dossier on sites related to slavery and colonialismSays Dr. Wright at the start of his blog post.

“The article records the false accusations against Adam Smith. In an attempt to tarnish capitalism and promote a socialist and collectivist agenda, Smith is presented as supporting slavery and racist practices.

Dr Wright goes on to explain that the practices used in the Daily Mail article mentioned above are neither new nor unique, but stem from techniques used throughout history to influence crowds and change public opinion on a situation. Dr. Wright goes on to tell the audience that Plato’s writings exhibited similar tactics.

“Plato used the figure of Protagoras d’Abdera (Cooper, ed., 1997) to demonstrate how truth can be distorted using false logic and appealing to emotion,” says Dr. Wright.

Dr Wright argues that often attempts to change the opinion of a crowd, as Ridler attempted to do in his article, can be short-sighted, especially when they ignore elements of the story that have paved the way for a better future or had a significant impact on the future.

“Such changes may seem small. When removing famous people from the past, it is important to remember Machiavelli’s words (Barnhart, 2013), in particular: “One change always leaves the way open for the establishment of others. The article reminds us that we cannot look at the past in isolation and that if we allow small changes to happen, they lead to other changes, ”says Dr. Wright.

“The aim should be to be ‘one whose walk is blameless, who does what is right, who speaks the truth of his heart’ (Psalm 15: 2-3).

To learn more about the social economy, trying to change public opinion, and how even small changes can have a big impact on the future, you’re going to want to read Dr. Craig S. Wright’s latest blog post, “Collectivism and Protagoras of Abdera,” at

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