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Curiosity, the gift of cosmic divinities

Curiosity is the precious energy of human beings, and it is powerful enough to unravel the mystery of the universe. Japanese-American scientist Manabe Shuro this year won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his “climate model”. He said in an interview: “During his college days, he developed climate models that help create weather forecasts. At first it was based on interest. Research. “After 60 years of research work, he said it was not difficult. His faith.

Jobs (right) and Wozniak (left) together start a business.

Schools do not teach “interest” and traditional education does not encourage more interest in students. The reason is simple. In the industrialized era of the last century, it was enough for everyone to follow an urban plan. Step-by-step instructions, engineers are trained this way, regardless of the complexity of building the machines. However, as computers became more widely used, industrial thinking no longer worked. These are the endless possibilities that information technology offers. No computer can do this, you just don’t want to get it.

Curiosity comes from observation, then from imagination. Before you have a physical figure in your head, imagining is like a dream, so you enjoy this kind of exciting and wonderful thinking and then continue with the answers and exercises, saying that curiosity is gods and goddesses. Gift to us. In Greek mythology, all works related to man, including science and art, are responsible for nine museums. However, museums are not close to people who want to be normal.

Paul, the father of the founder of Apple Computer, Jobs, is 10 years old, he is a mechanical technician. He often did his homework at home. Young jobs attracted him because he was interested in things like machines and electronics. In this way, he can create many effects. Dad sets up a workspace to share with his son in Kiao and teaches him how to make, separate and assemble these objects. Jobs that are not new to electronics at the start have amazing features. These ideas are the confidence of work and the desire to build the Apple # 2.

Honest Thinkers: The Human Journey to Understanding the Universe from Trees (Honest Thinkers: Understanding the Cosmos While Living in the Jungle). Human thinking is different – we have kept thinking of innovative ideas that never existed, and no one has tried to solve current problems – however, this kind of thinking has to be motivated by enthusiasm. In short, if you are happy with the current situation and don’t make the changes, you will become a normal person.

Scientists always germinate ideas that are irrelevant to everyday life or even vice versa, and then using their curiosity, experimental observation and logical combing, after repeated identification and verification, they find new ways to change the normal state.

Manabe Shuro’s interest in forecasting climate problems; Passion for work has turned smartphones into personal supercomputers. Curiosity is not magic. Jobs defines it as “thinking differently”: thinking differently makes it easier to understand.

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