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Diablo Immortal blog post details cosmetic progression and ability to change classes

Diablo Immortal may not have gotten off to the best start with fans of the franchise, but it looks like Blizzard is trying to allay gamer fears by showing off some of the key features that come with the mobile title. In a recent blog post, the developers highlighted two main ways to shape a character in the game: cosmetics and the class change feature.

Cosmetics in Diablo Immortal seem to work the same as other games. They change your character’s appearance without affecting gear or stats. Players will be able to obtain cosmetics per class, but each set will also be available for all classes in the game. Each reward will change the character’s armor and weapons, some will even change animations. Each legendary item in the game will also have its own unique visual progression as your character’s gems grow in power.

Blizzard plans to release a new cosmetic set for all classes every month and theme it around the current Battle Pass for that month. Purchasing the Battle Pass for the month will allow a player to unlock a cosmetic outfit for any class, and a premium option will also come with custom portal skins and portrait frames. There will also be free cosmetics to unlock through gameplay.

Diablo Immortal will address players’ fears of wanting to try every class without creating a ton of alts. In Westmarch, players will be able to change their existing character class. The character will retain all progress made on Paragon levels and will receive a new set of items appropriate for the new class. All item progressions and gems can also be transferred to the new class. Items and the old class stash will not be lost, and progress on Horadric Ships and Helliquary will also remain.

The only downside of changing class is that legendary items specific to the new class will need to be collected, but that’s the main point of the game anyway. Players who don’t adapt to their new class can use again functionality to return to their previous class or try a new one. The team is also considering limiting the system to keep the original class selection still meaningful, but nothing is currently set in stone.

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