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DICE publishes blog post identifying Battlefield 2042 large map issues


Battlefield 2042 was not received in the manner OF and EA would have hoped, as the game continues to struggle months after launch.

Technical issues persist, and there are also major design issues that need to be addressed. A “big” problem that players have consistently complained about is that the maps are just too big.

There is way too much time between respawning and combat, and too much distance between flag points and spawn points.

Players have been complaining about this since launch, and a recent blog post on the official site of Battlefield 2042 identifies and addresses key issues they’ve heard from players and experienced themselves.

The position covered crossing, intensity, line of sight, coverage, and paths as all of them are gameplay areas that need to be addressed.

While the game unfortunately continues to struggle, it’s worth noting that the developers seem to be doing what they can to undo the damage.

This blog post and those that preceded it have been transparent and clear in trying to address player issues.

It’s unfortunate, however, that we’re forced to hope for comeback stories rather than waiting for blockbuster hits at launch.

Just because a game can launch in a terrible state and still reclaim success and a fanbase with updates doesn’t mean we have to put up with that with every new title. Instead, publishers should give developers more time to launch a complete and finished project.

Source – [GameInformer]

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