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Did Google just confirm the Pixel Fold with this blog post?

Google’s highly anticipated Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro event will take place next week and new flagships will be released soon. But fans aren’t just waiting for the new Pixel 6 series. Various rumors say 2021 will be the year Google unveils its first foldable Pixel phone. The name “Pixel Fold” isn’t official, but that’s what we’ve been calling this device all year. More recent rumors indicated that Google might not be launching its first-gen foldable device at the Pixel 6 show, but it could still tease the Pixel Fold.

Days before Google’s press conference, the company made an unexpected announcement that practically confirms the Google Pixel Fold.

The future is emerging

Google has teamed up with Samsung to launch a major marketing campaign for the new Samsung Galaxy foldables. This includes the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 that Samsung unveiled in mid-August. There is no doubt that these are the best foldable phones Samsung has ever made. They feature improved durability and much better prices. The Flip 3 costs as much as the base iPhone 13 Pro, and it will rival the Pixel 6 Pro in terms of cost.

“The future is unfolding,” Google tells us in a blog post and several YouTube videos. But the Google-Samsung foldables partnership doesn’t stop there. Google has created an “Unfold With Google” site that promotes Samsung’s two new foldable handsets, offering buyers the option to purchase them.

How is all of this relevant to the Pixel Fold? Well, Google doesn’t just repeat Samsung’s main Fold 3 and Flip 3 selling points. It highlights any Google apps you might want to use on any of these foldable handsets.

Pixel Fold software is ready

The Google blog post is titled “The best of Google available on Samsung Galaxy foldables.” This hints that Google is set to demonstrate various apps optimized for foldable screens. In fact, this is what Google is already doing in this blog post.

Google highlights several Google experiments on foldable handsets. We’re looking at YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Google Duo, Google Workspace, and augmented reality in Google Maps. It also removes the name of the Google Play store, which gives foldable phone users access to millions of apps and games.

The company has created short videos to showcase its apps running on Samsung foldable phones. This massive marketing effort tells us that the key Pixel Fold feature has been in development for some time. It’s the software experience, of course, that includes many Google apps. And those Google apps would deliver the same experience on the Pixel Fold, of course.

That said, the partnership with Samsung is not that surprising. The Korean giant is at the forefront of the development of foldable phones. But it desperately needs Google to play the game. From the early days of the first Pixel Fold, Samsung has partnered with Google to ensure Android is optimized to run on foldable devices with multiple screens. This partnership has continued and now includes Google, which sells Fold and Flip devices.

Now that Google is ready to help Samsung sell foldable handsets, it will be interesting to see if it unveils its own Pixel Fold next week as well.

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