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Editorial About Lycoris on a blog entry – OSnews

Lycoris did what I mentioned a few days ago on this site. It allows one person to sit down and work without ever needing to break the hood. Mandrake, Red Hat, and many other versions of Linux equate to buying a full kit of parts and tools and building your own car. Lycoris is like going to the dealership, putting in some money and driving away. […] Lindows offers the same. But Lindows costs $ 129, rather than $ 29. And Lindows requires an annual subscription plan of $ 99 per year. While the Lycoris plan is included in the one-time purchase price. And Lindows owns it, you can’t download it for free. Xandros also claims to be intended for the Windows user. But Xandros costs $ 99 and owns it. You can’t get it for free either. Too bad for the choice. Lycoris now works on both of my systems. Read the blog entry at TheForge, by Barry Smith.

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