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After a blog post by Jerry Del Colliano titled “David Field Confirms Audacy Bankruptcy” which failed to confirm Audacy’s bankruptcy, Audacy fired back. The title of the blog post was tweeted (then deleted) by a WGBH Boston news anchor as a fact, then picked up by numerous Boston media personalities, including Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.

At this point, the company’s Twitter account issue a statement,
“A blog post published today falsely claims that the CEO of Audacy has confirmed Audacy’s bankruptcy. This assertion is categorically false. Audacy intends to vigorously pursue all available remedies for misrepresentations intended to cause damage to Audacy and its stakeholders.

Additionally, Entercom’s CEO emailed the entire company, writing:

I’m reaching out to respond to an industry troll’s fake news about Audacy currently circulating.

An industry blog post published today incorrectly claimed that “David Field Confirms Audacy’s Bankruptcy.” This statement is categorically and unequivocally false. Audacy intends to pursue all applicable remedies for false and defamatory statements intended to cause damage to Audacy, its employees and its stakeholders to the fullest extent permitted by law.

As you have heard from me and other members of our management team, we are excited and confident about our future and are focused on effectively capitalizing on the acquisitions, investments and improvements we have made to position the business for a bright future in the dynamic and growing world. sound. With the addition of a strong leadership position in podcasting, a
a significantly improved national sales organization, the rollout of a new, reimagined digital platform, emerging advertising technologies and data capabilities, and the industry’s best local radio group with an unrivaled #1 position in news and sports, Audacy is better positioned than ever to serve customers and audiences with greater revenue and revenue potential under normalized market conditions.

Both statements indicate that the company intends to sue Del Colliano for the “false statements” made. They wouldn’t be the first company to sue him. Clear Channel and Del Colliano had lawsuits against each other which were settled in 2002, with Clear Channel purchasing Inside Radio from Del Colliano. iHeartMedia continues to operate the publication as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Audacy stock closed Tuesday at 52 cents per share. The company was told by the New York Stock Exchange earlier this month that it has six months to return to a minimum average closing price of $1.00 per share over 30 consecutive trading days or it will be delisted from the stock exchange. This was then followed by the company laying off up to 5% of its workforce as part of other ongoing cost reductions to improve its bottom line.

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Mercy, Symmetra changes detailed in Overwatch 2 blog post https://afeedisborn.com/mercy-symmetra-changes-detailed-in-overwatch-2-blog-post/ Sat, 09 Jul 2022 16:33:12 +0000 https://afeedisborn.com/mercy-symmetra-changes-detailed-in-overwatch-2-blog-post/ [ad_1]

The June 28 patch for the Overwatch 2 beta saw Mercy and Symmetra undergo significant nerfs. Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability could no longer be canceled while crouching and would automatically launch players into the sky if they reached the end of its range. Symmetra no longer generated ammo when damaging barriers.

After a week of player feedback via the Overwatch 2 Open Forum and Reddit, the Overwatch 2 developers announced in a blog post that both heroes will be seeing changes.

Mercy’s upcoming changes aim to give players more control.

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From blog post to ASCO session https://afeedisborn.com/from-blog-post-to-asco-session/ Wed, 20 Apr 2022 14:47:38 +0000 https://afeedisborn.com/from-blog-post-to-asco-session/ [ad_1]

“Cancer Moonshot” is almost a common phrase in the United States. When then-Vice President Joe Biden first announced the $1.8 billion initiative in 2016, he set himself the lofty goal of “ending cancer as we know”. The primary focus of Cancer Moonshot was genomics, precision therapy, immunotherapy and artificial intelligence.

At that time, I was a medical oncology intern and was not yet active on social media or in publishing. I started writing a blog in cancer in April 2016, titled The Last Month in Oncology with Dr Bishal Gyawali, where I summarized the major oncology news of the last month and provided my own unbiased commentary.

In November 2016, I came across a very strange press article. He said a leading US cancer center and a billionaire were in a legal battle over who owned the term “moonshot”. The trial bothered me. I didn’t understand why owning the term “moonshot” was so important. The contest, in my opinion, should be about who helps more patients, closes disparities in cancer care, and alleviates pain and suffering, not who owns a term.

The news made me think of a patient of mine in Nepal who had ovarian cancer. His best shot was a treatment with carboplatin and paclitaxel. But to afford these drugs, she was forced to sell her house.

The side-by-side comparison was alarming. I have seen a patient in a low-income country struggling to pay for necessary care against a wealthy nation pumping money into lunar initiatives of questionable value and people fighting over who owns the term itself. same. As I reflected on this patient and this difficult situation, I wrote the following lines in a blog from December 2016:

[W]We should focus on ways to improve outcomes in cancer patients, rather than wondering who coined the term “cancer moonshot.” When public health continues to be ignored, when cancer remains a killer, when more than 90% of cancer patients worldwide cannot afford cancer treatment, where does the term “cancer moonshot” belong? has no importance. Forget the moon; back to the reality of blood and flesh on the ground.

I would instead support a “cancer field plan” that focuses on campaigns to reduce smoking and obesity, promotes exercise and healthy eating, and encourages research that can be immediately applied to all communities. world. “Cancer groundshot” is the term. Do not hesitate to use it.

In October 2017 I was invited to give a talk at the Royal Society of Medicine World Oncology Meeting. I chose this place to develop the concept of a fundraiser against cancer. In my speech, I emphasized that we must prioritize initiatives that help every patient get the care they need. While 90% of patients in low-income countries do not have access to radiotherapy and 50% do not have access to timely surgery, I was clear that we could not “l Immunotherapy to Lift Us From the Global Burden of Cancer”. If we invested a fraction of Moonshot’s money in grassroots activities – surgery, radiotherapy facilities, curative treatments, cheaper and proven drug therapies, pain medications – we would save more lives. I received an extremely positive reception from the public.

At that time, I had completed my training and was working as a medical oncologist in a government hospital in Nepal. I was in final discussions to move to Harvard for a fellowship in a few months. But by a twist of fate, I was introduced to Chris Booth, MD, of Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada by Ian Tannock, MD, and Richard Sullivan, MD. While I was still in Nepal, we communicated by telephone. Two things happened on that call. First, it marked the beginning of a long friendship. We are now colleagues working together in the same clinic at the same facility. And second, we discussed turning my Royal Society speech into an article. This led to my first official publication in the field of cancer, published in The Lancet Oncology in 2018.

Subsequently, the idea began to come to life on social networks. Unlike some of my other, slightly more controversial ideas – like ramucirumab is not a good drug – everyone seemed to support this concept. Oncologists, policy makers, regulators and laypeople alike could all see the merits of the soil cancer philosophy and believed that this initiative needed as much priority and funding as moon cancer to truly “end cancer as we know it”.

Since then, the idea has continued to gain ground. I have given dozens of talks in the field of cancer, both in high and low income countries and at meetings including cancer, the AORTIC International Cancer Conference in Africa, ASTRO (American Society of Radiation Oncology) and the European Cancer Summit. I co-wrote a chapter on the concept of the ASCO 2022 educational book. And on the 5th anniversary of cancer moonshot, Nature posted my take on a cancer field photo. When I was invited to the ASCO 2022 Annual Meeting to chair an educational session on the field of cancer on June 3, it got me thinking about this journey I share today.

Despite the momentum behind the groundbreaking fight against cancer, I know this is just the beginning. Speeches and articles do not save lives. We need concrete actions, and I hope that these discussions and these documents will create momentum and encourage effective policy that will save lives.

I tell this story not to emphasize how fantastic my idea is, but to emphasize that no matter where you are in today’s world, you can make a difference. I hope to encourage the global community of young oncologists to say that, whatever their background, they can make a difference.

Bishal Gyawali, MD, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Oncology and Public Health Sciences and Scientist in the Division of Cancer Care and Epidemiology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and is also an Affiliate Professor in the Program on Regulation, Therapeutics and Law in the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. His clinical and research interests are in cancer policy, global oncology, evidence-based oncology, financial toxicities of cancer treatment, clinical trial methods and supportive care. He tweets at @oncology_bg.

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CFPB Blog Post and Report Focused on Student Loan Servicing https://afeedisborn.com/cfpb-blog-post-and-report-focused-on-student-loan-servicing/ Tue, 19 Apr 2022 14:07:28 +0000 https://afeedisborn.com/cfpb-blog-post-and-report-focused-on-student-loan-servicing/ [ad_1]

The Student Loan Service has been the subject of recent attention from the CFPB in the form of a blog post, Busting Myths About Bankruptcy and Private Student Loans,” and a report (entitled “Special Feature”) titled “Student Loan Borrowers Potentially at Risk When Payment Suspension Ends.” Both of these raise compliance risks for student loan servicers.

blog post. The CFPB blog post aims to dispel “the perception that student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.” The blog post first notes that release is still possible even for private student loans that are subject to an “undue hardship” standard and require the filing of adversarial proceedings. It then discusses the availability of discharge for certain private loans for educational purposes which, according to the CFPB, “can be discharged through normal bankruptcy proceedings, just like most other consumer debt”, and provides examples of such loans.

The blog post then turns to “the practices of private student loan owners, lenders, managers and collectors and their handling of bankruptcy discharges.” The CFPB observes that while consumers may have difficulty understanding “the details” of which private loans for educational purposes are releasable, these details “should be understood and reflected in the policies and procedures of the loan owners, lenders, managers and collectors. The blog post cites several consumer complaints which, according to the CFPB, “suggest that some of these companies may be misrepresenting to borrowers about bankruptcy protections — or worse, even collecting debts that have already been discharged by bankruptcy”. judge.” The CFPB warns that “[c]collecting debts that have been discharged through bankruptcy could not only violate the Consumer Financial Protection Act’s prohibition against unfair, deceptive, and abusive practices, but also violate the order of a U.S. bankruptcy judge.

Since the CFPB has used the blog to raise concerns about the handling of bankruptcy discharges, private student loan servicers, as well as loan owners, lenders and collectors, should be prepared for their practices related to bankruptcy discharges. bankruptcy to receive CFPB scrutiny.

Report. In anticipation of the end of the suspension of federal student loan payments mandated by the CARES Act and subsequent administrative actions, the report focuses on preparing student borrowers financially to resume payments.

Using data from the CFPB’s Consumer Credit Panel, the report identifies the types of borrowers most likely to have difficulty resuming payments based on five potential risk factors: pre-pandemic loan arrears students, pre-pandemic payment assistance on student loans, multiple student loans from loan servicers, delinquencies on other credit products since the start of the pandemic, and new third-party collections during the pandemic. The CFPB found that about 15 million borrowers have at least one of these potential risk factors, more than 5 million borrowers have two or more risk factors, and borrowers with multiple risk factors are more likely to live in low-income or high-minority census tracts. .

The report also examines the state of delinquency and payments on non-student debt “to better understand the credit situations of borrowers before the pandemic and to provide context for where borrowers are today.” The CFPB found that non-student loan delinquencies had increased in the second half of 2021 and that by February 2022, non-student loan delinquencies had almost returned to pre-pandemic levels. In a blog post on the report, the CFPB states that “[t]his figure portends potential financial turmoil for federal student loan borrowers when their loans are repaid” because “non-student loan defaults continue to rise even though the pause in student loan repayments is still in effect.” [means that] Once [student loan] payments come due again, borrowers who are already in increasing difficulty will face additional financial hardship.

In the blog post (but not in the report), the CFPB also notes that “CFPB’s work has shown that student loan servicers have erected barriers to borrowers’ access to lower payments under plans income-oriented repayment and loan forgiveness under an income-oriented repayment and Public Service Loan Pardon (PSLF)” and refers to its enforcement action against EdFinancial for allegedly doing misrepresentation to borrowers with loans from the Federal Family Education Loan Program regarding their eligibility for the PSLF. The CFPB clarifies that “[a]In the run-up to the resumption of payments, it is essential that borrowers can access these existing programs that allow payments to be reduced and canceled. »

Also in the blog post (but not in the report), the CFPB raises the specter of errors stemming from service transfers. It says it “will continue to monitor the activities of student loan servicers as they make transfers and begin communicating with student borrowers.”

report leaves little doubt, but that the CFPB intends to take a close look at how managers are handling the resumption of payments and to take action against managers in the event of missteps, particularly with regard to the provision of information to borrowers on income-tested repayment plans, loan forgiveness and service transfers. Further, by highlighting the report’s findings regarding the higher incidence of risk factors among borrowers living in low-income or high-minority census tracts, the CFPB appears to be signaling that it will be looking for possible discriminatory from the repairers.

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Journey to the Final Fantasy XIV Data Center detailed in a blog post https://afeedisborn.com/journey-to-the-final-fantasy-xiv-data-center-detailed-in-a-blog-post/ Tue, 29 Mar 2022 18:05:59 +0000 https://afeedisborn.com/journey-to-the-final-fantasy-xiv-data-center-detailed-in-a-blog-post/ [ad_1]

Those hoping to travel through the region will be disappointed.

Final Fantasy XIV players are gearing up for patch 6.1, scheduled for mid-April. The update, titled “Newfound Adventure,” will add new main story quests and side content, as well as job adjustments, a new alliance raid, and a much-needed in-game character and lore glossary. called the Endless Codex. As happy as fans of these upcoming additions are, one thing in particular was missing from the list: data center moves. Now, a detailed official blog post outlines what players can expect from the service when it’s added in patch 6.18.

Currently, Final Fantasy XIV players are locked in their initial data center. The game has physical data centers for various regions and logical data centers, each of which houses multiple worlds, i.e. servers. In patch 6.18, the new datacenter travel system will allow players to temporarily visit another logical datacenter within the same physical datacenter and play the game (mostly) as normal.

This may seem very similar to the existing world visit system, but the difference is that players have the ability to visit worlds outside of their own data center. Things not accessible when visiting Otherworld include anything related to housing, free businesses, linkshells, and deposits.

“The scope of your communication and gameplay will expand dramatically as you will be able to raid with other players, play with previously unreachable friends and acquaintances, visit player housing, participate in player events, and more,” producer and director Naoki Yoshida wrote in the blog post.

The next live broadcast of the Letter from the Producer is scheduled for April 1 at 4:00 a.m. PDT.

Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Sales of the game were suspended in December 2021 due to server congestion, but resumed in late January 2022. In a recent Letter from the Producer livestreamed, the Producer Naoki Yoshida explained what players can expect from Patch 6.1, which is slated for release in April.


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Crowfall founder gives insight into sale in latest blog post https://afeedisborn.com/crowfall-founder-gives-insight-into-sale-in-latest-blog-post/ Sat, 18 Dec 2021 21:30:00 +0000 https://afeedisborn.com/crowfall-founder-gives-insight-into-sale-in-latest-blog-post/ [ad_1]

Yesterday we reported that Crowfall was purchased by independent game studio Monumental, which developed the game Mythgard. ArtCraft plans to move on to other projects, and it will no longer be associated with the development of Crowfall, but that didn’t stop founder, J. Todd Coleman from giving a little background on the project, and what led to the sale to Monumental.

Todd Coleman began his blog by describing the parallels between the development of Crowfall and his previous game, Scourge of Shadows, a game that was released in 2003 by Ubisoft, and closed in 2009 only to be resurrected when a Chinese company Changyou acquired the source code and reopened the game. Scourge of Shadows and his introduction with fellow developer and reviewer Monty Kerr, was essentially the forerunner of what would end with the sale of Crowfall.

The devil, of course, is in the details. After the official launch of Crowfall, the number of players started to decline as we reported at the time. Kerr reached out to Coleman to go over specific points of the game that he believes could be improved upon, but the lack of resources to implement positive change at this point would prevent the team from developing the game to be. the best version of herself. That’s when Kerr made an offer and ArtCraft’s board of directors agreed. ArtCraft will now be split, with part of the team traveling to Monumental to continue their work on the game.

The company that used to be ArtCraft is being split in two. Gordon, Blair and the Crowfall team will join Monumental. Josef and I are going to be working on a new game (which we started with completely separate funding, by the way) and keeping the new people who were hired for this project.

-J. Todd Coleman, Founder of ArtCraft Entertainment

Coleman says he’s happy Kerr is able to take the reins and that Crowfall will live. The blog then ends with a statement from Kerr himself, as he details his love for Crowfall and Scourge of Shadows before that. He is quick to point out that he likes the idea of Crowfall and that he intends to complete and expand the game as development continues. While we can’t say unequivocally that this will change the trajectory of how CrowfallThe popularity of has waned in recent months, we hope to see a new take on Monumental, as the game matures throughout 2022.

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Where Can I Get an Emergency Cash Loan? https://afeedisborn.com/where-can-i-get-an-emergency-cash-loan/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 02:07:42 +0000 https://afeedisborn.com/?p=320 It’s not always predictable. Sometimes, you might be lost in the process because of an unexpected issue that needs quick access to funds to deal with the circumstance.

However, as most of these situations are unexpected and unplanned You may not have enough cash to get you through the situations mentioned above. Therefore, cash loans that are a result of emergence could be a good option.

In times of need, cash loans are a great option to make sure your finances are in order during tough times.

We’ll assist you in finding the most appropriate short-term lending options that will suit your specific situation. After you’ve completed our online form and submitting it, you’ll be connected with an of our trusted lenders. If you’re successful in completing our partners’ additional checks, you’ll receive your funds after 24 hours. Or the following day.

What is an Emergency Cash Loan?

As the name suggests that it’s demanded urgently. If it weren’t in a situation that was urgent it is possible to save enough money to cover the things you require in these circumstances. But the truth is that such sudden events are a common part in our daily lives.

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What are the things you can use emergency cash loans for?

Emergency cash loans are available in a variety of different situations. They are generally utilized by those who need access to money for a brief period. This could happen in the following situations:

  • For medical expenses.
  • Rent, utilities or other expenses that are typical.
  • To pay for an automobile repair.

These are situations that usually aren’t anticipated. A cash advance loan for emergencies can be used as a temporary solution to fund these scenarios. It is essential to remember that you shouldn’t use this kind of loan without having a carefully planned plan for repayment.

Can I utilize payday loans to obtain an emergency cash loan?

Yes, cash advances may be an option to consider when you’re considering the possibilities for emergency cash. Payday loans are ideal for those who require access to a short-term source of financing until the end of their month or on their next payday.

If you are confident that you will be able repay the loan on their next pay day might think about cash advances as an option.

Can I obtain an emergency cash advance with no credit?

If you’re in the need of urgent cash, however you’re in poor credit, you could still qualify to borrow money from specific lenders. If an emergency situation that demands immediate cash isn’t enough of a stress, those who have poor credit might be worried that they’re not in a position to obtain a loan.

However, this isn’t the case. There are many service providers that will accept clients with bad credit.

Oak Park Financial works with various reputable credit organizations like this. They will also consider other factors that go beyond your credit score when they assess your application including:

  • Your employment status.
  • Your income.
  • Your age.
  • The amount you’ve asked to be able to borrow from them.

What are the criteria for eligibility for cash loans in emergency Situations?

If you’re planning to take out a loan There are certain requirements to satisfy to meet to be eligible to. For loans made through Oak park Financial, you’ll be required to meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a US citizen.
  • Aged above 18.
  • Keep a checking account in order to receive cash.
  • A steady income of the minimum of $1800 each month.
  • Possibility of paying for loans.

We’ve already mentioned that we also have lenders that are willing to consider people with bad credit. We also help a wide range of people obtain financing suitable for their needs.

Why should you use Oak Park Financial to Find urgent cash loans?

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