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Fractured Online addresses alignment in latest blog post –

The developers of the MMORPG Fractured Online have shared a new blog post dedicated to competitive gameplay and also covering topics such as character alignment, karma, and PVP.

In Fractured Online, all characters are categorized as good, neutral, or evil. Built on the classic D&D moral scale, it is also known as character alignment. Just as characters can change by gaining experience and developing their skills and talents, they can also change in terms of alignment. However, the options you have to choose from may be limited by your choice of race and location, as well as your karma.

Each race has its own unique relationship with the Alignment.

  • Humans can choose any alignment.
  • Wildfolk are born with positive karma and are limited to good alignment.
  • Demons are downright evil!

When reported as Goodyou are beautiful not authorized to perform a hostile action against other players reported as good or neutral. This means no basic attacks or targeted spells against good and neutral players, looting them or giving them a killing blow. However, such actions can be executed against evil players lined up, and even earn Karma points!

Neutral flagged players are allowed to perform hostile actions against evil players, just as good players can, but also against other neutrals, without losing karma.

Regarding the Wrong alignment, there are several reasons why you might be on this path in Fractured Online. Maybe you are a Demon, or you “just” wanted to engage in criminal activities such as flight Where murder and loot innocent players. No matter what brought you there, when you’re aligned as Evil you’re in a high risk situation, as anyone can hunt you down and you can even end up in jail.

You can change your karma and therefore your alignment by performing certain actions. PvE is a general way to adjust karma. Killing good creatures triggers a loss of karma points, while killing evil creatures triggers a gain of karma points.

The gods you choose to worship also affect your karma score. Once per day, players can make an offering to the shrine. These shrine offerings are an effective – albeit expensive – way to change your karma to that of the god you’re donating to.

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