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George RR Martin shares a Heartfelt Elden Ring blog post

Despite his dark series of Game of Thrones books, George RR Martin showed the world just how big, cute and sweet he really is in his latest blog post. The writer helped FromSoftware create the world of Elden Ring, and he’s absolutely thrilled that we all love it so much.

On his confusingly titled blog, Not a Blog, Martin shared a message of appreciation yesterday. If you don’t take anything else from it, note that it uses a double space after a dot – hero.

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He says all of the rave reviews and praise for the game are “music to the ears”. Even though he helped create the game world, he remains humble and says “almost all the credit goes to Hidetaka Miyazaki and his amazing team of game designers”.


The Draconian Soldier attacking in Elden Ring

“I am honored to have met them and to have worked with them, and to have [sic] played a role, however small, in the creation of this fantasy world.” He goes on to wish us all “Happy Game” and shares his current mood: Bouncy – illustrated by a cute little bouncy alien head.

Well, I doubt anyone thought Martin would tear them apart due to Elden Ring’s phenomenal reception, but here we are. Martin didn’t share TheGamer’s five-star review on the blog, but we won’t hold it against him.

The game received many perfect scores and quickly became the talk of the gaming world. This is all terribly disappointing news for Horizon Forbidden West, which continues the curse of its predecessor by releasing just a week before a genre-defining open-world title. Last time was Breath of the Wild.

Elden Ring seems to be universally loved by Soulsborne veterans, but many new and returning players may still struggle with FromSoftware’s typically obtuse game design. Lucky for you, we’ve got a comprehensive guide and walkthrough that should provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to get through the game with as few controllers as possible.

You will still die. Many.

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