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Google diversity chief reassigned for anti-Semitic blog post

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Google pulled its head of diversity out of its position this week after a previous anti-Semitic blog post in which it wrote about the Jews’ “insatiable appetite for war and murder” was exposed and drew widespread condemnation Jewish groups.


Kamau Bobb, who was named global head of diversity strategy and research at Google in 2018, wrote in a now deleted 2007 blog post that if he were Jewish he “would be concerned about my insatiable appetite. for war and murder to defend myself. And referred to “the growing insensitivity of the Jews to the suffering (of) others”.

First reported by the conservative political news site on Washington Free Beacon, the moment of the 2007 blog post followed the 2006 Lebanon War, a conflict between the Israel Defense Forces and militant group Hezbollah that left more than 1,000 dead.

Google said Forbes in a statement, the tech giant “unequivocally condemns” Bobb’s past writings, adding that he has been removed from his post on Google’s diversity team and “will focus on his work STEM “in the business in the future.

Bobb privately apologized to a group of Jewish Google employees, according to the New York Post, writing that his blog post “crudely characterized the entire Jewish community” and that what was “conceived as a critique of a particular military action fueled anti-Semitic tropes and prejudices.”

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Bobb’s reassignment comes amid an increase in threats and anti-Semitic attacks that experts say were sparked by recent fighting between Israel and militant groups in Gaza. Reports of verbal and physical attacks on Jews have increased around the world, according to The Anti-Defamation League.

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