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Latest blog post #AppleToo: Working at Apple is ‘bad for the mental health’ of most employees

More stories about the negative work culture at Apple come out in a new post from #AppleToo.

Apple is one of the many companies that have come under fire this year because employees detailed an unwanted work environment, to say the least. Under the name #AppleToo, this movement has seen a number of workers at the tech company demand better salaries and working conditions. In a new blog post, employees talk about how work in the company can take a toll on their mental health.

#AppleToo Digest 20 was shared on the group’s website on October 29, 2021. The blog post chronicles a series of major issues facing employees at the company. This includes retaliation for reporting sexual harassment. A retail worker recounts how her performance at work fell and she began to be reported for petty offenses after reporting sexual harassment to a store manager.

Another anecdote explains that Apple is not as diverse as it likes to present itself. The author says the majority of opportunities go to “cis, white, straight men.” The employee then shares examples of racism and discrimination from executives while working for Apple. There’s also talk of how the myriad of issues at Apple can take a toll on a worker’s mental health.

I came to Apple thinking it was a progressive, forward-thinking and inclusive company. It’s not. It is a toxic environment that harms the mental health of most of the people who work there.

This blog post is just the latest chapter in the #AppleToo saga, which has denounced Apple as the opposite of the progressive and inclusive company it claims to be. For future updates on employees’ struggle for a better work environment, be sure to follow the Apple Labor on Twitter, and add the Shacknews page dedicated to #AppleToo to your favorites.

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