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Linda Ikeji walks down the memory trail and shares her first blog post

The greatest Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji is remembered by telling how she started her blog fifteen years ago.

The single mother of a media mogul and billionaire, in an Instagram post, shared her blogging journey and how she pioneered the news of online entertainment in Nigeria.

Sharing her first blog post, she captioned it; “Exactly 15 years ago today, November 26, 2006, I started a blog and wrote my first blog post… the best decision of my life!

“I started by introducing myself, then the following blog posts allowed me to share personal stuff, which was the order of the day at the time, but in early 2007 I decided to ‘stop talking about myself and start talking about other people… lol. And so, it became a gossip / news blog… which was extremely rare at the time, making the Linda Ikeji Blog one of the pioneers of online entertainment news in Nigeria. A standing ovation please.

“Writing on the news and gossip has generated a lot of traffic on my blog. A few years later, I had an advertising rate and brands started paying to access my platform. It changed life!

“At one point in time, from 2013 to around 2016, 60% of all ads placed online landed on LIB. We rocked mehn… lol. And bought a house in Banana…

“I am so grateful for this platform. Thanks to all readers. To those who no longer go and to the millions of you who are still here and keep us going, I cannot thank you enough. Thanks to you, the blog is still flourishing.

“I venture into other things but as long as I have a breath and the Internet exists, I will always be a blogger. I pray for success in my new ventures, but I will always be a blogger first and foremost. A proud!

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