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Metroid Dread, New Trailer, Blog Post Details Samus’ Abilities

Terror Metroid got a new trailer today that gives Samus’ next adventure a bit more context.

The trailer, while short, does give Metroid fans a bit more information about the types of creatures Samus will encounter in the next game. Nintendo has also released another Metroid Dread report, which this time focuses on them. powers and abilities of Samus.

The trailer opens with a photo of ZDR before giving some context on The X Parasite which previously appeared in Metroid Fusion, which acts as a prequel to Metroid Dread. This spongy, jelly-like creature may look cute, but is described as “a dangerous life form capable of imitating its prey, [that] was considered extinct. “

EMMI – an extraplanetary multifaceted mobile identification robot – which was also sent to ZDR to help investigate The X Parasite is also featured in the trailer. However, according to the trailer, it didn’t go as planned – shortly after the EMMIs were sent to the planet, they disappeared. Cue Samus Aran, who, after a quick combination change, lands on the ZDR to search for the missing robots.

We don’t see much else in the trailer, but luckily Nintendo also released the fifth issue of the Metroid Dread Report, titled Metroid Dread Report Vol. 5: Samus’ powers.

In the post, we learn about Samus’ arm cannon, which includes beam attacks and missiles. Samus also has a range of combat moves such as a melee counter and his signature morph ball move. The rest of the article details Samus’ power combination, Aeion abilities, and immunity to The X Parasite.

Metroid Dread is set to release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021.

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