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Monitask launches blog post explaining how to reduce upwork fees

Freelance work has increased exponentially thanks to specialized websites aimed at connecting clients with freelancers. Currently, in the US market alone, more than 30% of the workforce is made up of freelancers. And, globally, Upwork is one of the leading sites championing relationships between businesses and freelancers.

Although Upwork offers a valuable service, one of its main drawbacks is the financial burden the platform places on companies looking for freelancers. Between site processing fees and additional costs – for example, when posting a job or paying a freelancer – regular use of Upwork can have a significant negative impact on budgets. companies. While these fees are necessary in that they allow Upwork to properly vet freelancers and ensure companies hire qualified professionals who can follow their instructions, they also lead companies to spend a significant portion of their budget to the use of the platform.

According to a recent Monitask blog post, however, many, if not all, Upwork fees can be mitigated. Some of the post’s recommendations include working with freelancers who offer lower rates or using Upwork’s alternative payment options. It is also possible to move freelance business tasks entirely off the platform – but terms and conditions apply.

For businesses looking to reduce Upwork costs, it’s important to remember that “you get what you pay for.” Although reducing fees and hiring freelancers willing to work at lower rates can lead to immediate gains, companies should always check if a freelancer’s work is of high quality and if it is not possible that he subcontracts work to unverified third parties or that he commits plagiarism. To meet deadlines.

It is therefore necessary for companies using Upwork not only to avoid paying unnecessary fees for services, but to be ready to accept certain costs associated with a better guarantee of hiring a professional and obtaining quality results. .

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