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New entry on the ‘Diablo IV’ development blog focusing on itemization, the Paragon system, and more.

Blizzard Entertainment closed the year with a new update on Diablo IVDevelopment. Game Director Joe Shely, Senior Systems Designer Joe Piepiora and Senior Visual Effects Artist Daniel Briggs give their first look at Diablo IVitem updates for legendary gear and class skills, the return of the Paragon system, as well as the eye candy involved in the slaying of monsters.

In this update, the affix + Skill Rank returns in Diablo IV, allowing players to speed up specific skills as they did in Diablo II. As a bonus, when a player equips an item with a skill rank + for a skill they haven’t learned, they will have access to this new ability. Additionally, legendary items in Diablo IV will now have their legendary powers appear on multiple item slots. Now, if you’re looking for a legendary power, you can find it on rings, breastplates, or helmets.

The paragon system of Diablo III, which greatly improved the endgame component, will revert to Diablo IV in the form of the Paragon Board, which unlocks for each class at level 50. A player’s class will start on the central starting tile of their class’s “intro board” and from there players will make moves. selections radiating outward. Once your character reaches a door tile, you choose which new paragon board you want to attach to at that location. In addition to the normal tiles (which offer a small stat boost), you will also come across magic tiles, rare tiles (which include additional powers that unlock once your character has raised an attribute to a sufficient level) and legendary tiles, which grant you a new legendary power.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure. According to Briggs, as Diablo IV has a ‘play first’ strategy, which means visual effects’ should be readable in all areas and lighting conditions, so you can quickly understand what’s going on and use that information to make decisions illuminated ”. To this end, Briggs looks at the effects and improvements over previous decisions in Diablo III, including the use of PBR.

Diablo IV is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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