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Overwatch 2: Blizzard Releases Blog Post Detailing Beta Week 1 Goals and Progress

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new developer blog detailing Week 1 of the Overwatch 2 beta, including goals, progress, ranked mode updates and wait times, and more.

Heading into the beta, we already knew of some big changes coming to Overwatch 2. Perhaps the biggest change was the standard drop from 6v6 to 5v5 in PvP modes. Beyond the new maps and modes, we’ve also learned that Doomfist will no longer be a damage hero and will instead be a tank, and we’ve also got big changes coming to Orisa’s build. Just before the Overwatch 2 beta kicked off last week, Blizzard also posted an FAQ to answer any questions players might have before jumping in. Now, after Week 1 of the beta ended, the company released a new blog post detailing what they learned from the beta, changes, progress towards goals, and more.

“The main goals of our first beta were to test our move to 5v5, the new maps and push game mode, overall balance, and build and server stability,” the blog reads. “We think 5v5 is a big adjustment for players, and we’ve been happy to hear consistent and positive feedback about players having more fun, feeling a greater sense of impact in their matches, and enjoying more fun. a faster rate of combat and engagements. As we continue to adjust the rules for Push, players seem to be really enjoying this new game mode and our other new maps.”

“Because this beta test is primarily focused on gameplay and balance as well as stability, several other features and aspects of the game you see are still under development. For example, things like menu screens , player profiles, multi-time-of-day conditions for classic maps, and the full set of Hero 2.0 skins are areas our team has been working hard on and are not yet publicly testing. golden gun system has not been completed in this beta, what you currently see in-game does not reflect a deliberate change in design aesthetics, but rather incomplete functionality. UI elements including headshot indicators in the kill stream and audio mix refinement.

Blizzard says that between now and the release of Overwatch 2, it plans to add more content “including heroes, maps, and features”, and it says there will be a significant amount of tweaking and refinement in the form of an improved user interface. , bug fixes, and more.

Blizzard also breaks down different parts of the beta in the blog post, starting with ranked mode and wait times.

Ranked mode and waiting time

If you played the beta, you know that only quickplay was available and Blizzard says that was on purpose: first, because in a test with a limited number of players, they wanted to prioritize accelerated matches and fast-paced play is ideal for this, and secondly, because the studio “is planning significant revisions to our core ranked and competitive mode systems, and these are not yet ready for full-scale public testing. “.

The team noticed during the beta that queuing times were high for tank and damage players, as these roles are more popular than support roles. Blizzard says that in the meantime it is working to enable Quick Play Classic with open queue so players looking for shorter queue times have an easy option for the rest of this first release. beta.

Game balance and support heroes

Bizzard writes in the blog post that during Overwatch 2 alphas he noticed that support heroes felt too vulnerable when diving and flanking attacks with fewer shields and no second tank (as a result of the new change 5v5). In the beta, he said there were significant changes to the passive abilities of healer roles, which allowed those heroes to recover more health faster and improved their overall survivability.

“This change has improved their overall power and durability, and overall the mounts are working well in the beta, but we know balance is only one aspect of what makes a hero fun to play. “, writes Blizzard. “We’ve clearly heard that support players feel that tanks and damage players have more new content to enjoy and explore in this beta. Longer term, we believe the most effective way to address this issue is about adding exciting new support heroes to the game, and that is part of our plans. In the near term, our hero design team is also experimenting with important, but shorter ideas, including new and updated abilities for some existing support heroes. Those kinds of ideas might roll out later in this first beta test, but more likely in our next test.”

New dashboard

If you’ve played Overwatch 2 in the beta, you’ll know that its scoreboard is dramatically different, revealing a lot more information about not only your performance in a match, but also that of other players. It’s been a controversial change, with many claiming it can lead to more toxicity, but Blizzard says it’s been changed in Overwatch 2 to allow “you and your team to plan and coordinate a winning strategy”, by removing both the Fire and Medal system to improve it.

“For Overwatch 2, players can expect the new dashboard screen to show key stats in real time for all players in the game,” Blizzard writes in the blog post. “These stats include kills, assists, kills, damage, damage mitigation, and healing. The information will be presented in a new layout that mirrors other games and competitive sports. We want to give players a more accurate overall view of the game. Our team believes that providing accurate feedback and encouragement can improve everyone’s gaming experience.

For more information on the new dashboard, be sure to head over to Blizzard’s blog, where you’ll also find additional information on Overwatch 2’s UI, design, and more.

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