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PlayStation Plus blog post may hint at future Dino Crisis release and more

The Italian blog post for July Playstation Plus releases announced three additional titles coming to Playstation Plus Premium, including Capcom’s survival horror classic, Dino Crisis. Shortly after the additional titles were seen on social media, the blog post was quietly updated to remove the additional games.

Today Sony announced the Playstation Plus lineup for July, led by cat game Stray, complemented by several Assassin’s Creed and Saints Row titles, alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Marvel’s Avengers. Italy’s blog post lists all the same titles. However, as spotted by Twitter user Nibellionthe Italian version lists three other retro games: Dino Crisis for PlayStation 1, as well as Ridge Racer 2 and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny for PSP.

Shortly after this was spotted, the Italian blog post has been updated to remove these titles, leaving only No Heroes Allowed and LocoRoco Midnight Carnival. These games were already featured in all the other blog posts.

Why this listing only appeared on the Italian ad and nowhere else is unknown. This could mean that the removed titles will come to Playstation Plus Premium in a future update, but that remains to be seen. Until Sony releases a statement about the error or makes a future announcement, we’ll wonder if it was a leak or just a mistake.

Dino Crisis has been making headlines lately as Capcom’s upcoming title, Exoprimal, has drawn comparisons to classic survival horror games. Ridge Racer 2 and Soulcalibur are also classics, although their PSP titles can be relatively overlooked.

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