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PM Modi fondly remembers his father in a blog post; “His steps would tell the neighbors…”

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked for his mother’s blessing and spent time with her on her 100th birthday. Later, he wrote a heartfelt note for his mother, Heeraben Modi, and recalled several precious memories of his life with his mother, father and family.

In the emotional blog, Prime Minister Modi paid tribute to all mothers and spoke about his mother’s life and selfless sacrifices. He also recalled some of his memories with his father, Damodardas Mulchand Modi, with whom he had very little time to spend.

Expressing his happiness on the occasion of his mother’s 100th birthday, Prime Minister Modi noted that his father would also have celebrated his 100th birthday, last week, if he were alive today, adding that the year 2022 would have been a special year for him.

‘My father used to leave for work at four in the morning’: PM Modi

Recalling how his father used to devote his life to family, Prime Minister Modi noted that he used to make a ‘machaan’ (a raised platform) out of bamboo sticks and wooden boards to help her mother cook easily and would diligently carry out the responsibilities of the whole family.

Saying his parents shared their responsibilities equally, the prime minister said: “My dad used to go to work at four in the morning. His footsteps tell the neighbors that it is 4 am and Damodar Kaka is leaving for work. ritual was to pray at the local temple before opening his small tea shop.”

He added that his mother, Heeraben Modi, also used to wake up with his father early in the morning and finish his daily chores.

Prime Minister Modi shared an incident that showed his mother’s affection and presence of mind and his father’s quick action. The incident, the Prime Minister recalled, happened at Narmada ghat where he and his family had gone to perform a puja on his father’s wish. The family soon became tired from the extreme heat, walking and hunger.

“Mother noticed our discomfort immediately and asked my father to stop and rest for a while. She also asked him to go buy some jaggery somewhere nearby. He went for a run and managed to The jaggery and water gave us instant energy, and we started walking again. Leaving for the puja in that debilitating heat, my mother’s vigilance and my father quickly bringing jaggery, I distinctly remember each of these moments,” the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Modi also spoke about when he decided to leave home and visit the Ramkrishna Mission Mutt more. He said his father was extremely discouraged and, irritated, said: “As you wish”

Later, at the insistence of his mother, PM Modi’s father showed his horoscope to an astrologer who remarked, “His path is different. He will only go on the path that the Almighty has chosen for him. Following this, Prime Minister Modi revealed that his father accepted his decision and allowed him to leave with his blessing.

PM Modi’s father, who ran a small tea shop in Gujarat, died in 1989.

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