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“Progressive” (December 15, 2021) – KWMR

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Essential meaning of progressive

1: advance the progressive movements of the hands of a clock
2: occurring or developing gradually over a period of time progressive sickness
3: using or interested in new or modern ideas, especially in politics and education a progressive community/school a progressive candidate

Well, thanks to Stephen Martinek, I’m making really good progress on my tapestry. If you know me a little, you know that I am motivated by a challenge. Here’s what Stephen has to say…

“I will match contributions up to $1500 for KWMR if you complete your pillow tapestry by the end of the year.”

We negotiated, because the embroidery part is my doing, but I will have to subcontract the making of the pillows, so I only have to finish the sewing before the end of the year. When I close my eyes, I see grids of needlepoint.

I aim to have the tapestry finished before next Tuesday, if not the 30th, that’s for sure! Be ready. And thank you Stephen Martinek. Hope you jump in if I can complete this project and help us raise some much needed year-end funds for KWMR!

Last weekend we traveled to Palo Alto (my old stomping ground) to attend the retirement party of the person I hired 22 years ago to replace me as general manager of Palo Alto Bicycles. I picked a good one! It stayed for the long haul, considering a lot happened when I was working at the bike shop, I only stayed there for 4 years.

Jeff is moving to Arizona, but I hope we’ll keep in touch. We even talked about writing a book about our collective experiences in this historic shop.

It was great to see the owners and one of their adult children (they were little when I was there) and to connect with some of the old timers. It was fun biking the flat streets of the Palo Alto neighborhood and staying at my old place of residence, which has since been purchased by one of my roommates.

Retiring Jeff Selzer and Amanda (Jones) Eichstaedt in 1999. Photo: Palo Alto Weekly

Caption in Palo Alto Weekly for the photo.

Amanda and Jeff, handing over the key to David Miller, the new General Manager. photo: Ken Eichstadt

LR Bud Hoffacker, Amanda Eichstaedt and Neal Hoffacker. Bud and Neal own Palo Alto Bicycles, established by their father Bernie in 1932.

So I’m progressing on the tapestry, Jeff is progressing, David Miller is progressing. But the most exciting thing is my new glasses with “progressive” lenses (see photo above). I had worked these cheats to the very bitter end of usefulness. It was about time, and my ophthalmologist confirmed it. I can wear hats again! I don’t have to continually move glasses from the bridge of my nose to my head, and I can wear them with my bike helmet, in fact, I can read road signs again. Wahooo!

These recent rains are gradually filling our reservoirs, and the year is advancing to the end of 2021. I have hope for 2022.

Thank you all for reading and for supporting KWMR!

Amanda Eichstadt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

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