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Riot Games releases blog post showing new card system helping to reduce card repetition

Riot Games showcased the improvements made to the Competitive Map Rotation system over the past two years.

Surely, if you’ve played VALORANT, you’ve come across the same card over and over again. This was becoming a big problem in VALORANT as players had to play the same map three times, sometimes even up to 5 times. It actually becomes very monotonous and frustrating for a player as every player wants a difference in every game.

Riot Games discovered that there were multiple instances where players in the Competitive Queue were constantly seeing the same cards. The developers continued to adjust map pick rates until patch 4.04, when it implemented a new map display system.

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Riot Games shows promising results

The VALORANT System Health Series gives Riot a chance to update fans on various aspects of the game. Today’s post directly addressed the impact map selection has had on gameplay since VALORANT released in 2020 .

But there was still work to do, as a March 2022 survey of North American gamers showed. Sixty-seven percent of gamers said they saw the same card multiple times in a row either “often” or “very often.” “. After the results of the investigation, Riot changed the map election process again to ensure that players would play their least-seen map as much as possible to avoid streaks. Despite the comments, Riot doesn’t seem to have any clear plans for a selection of dedicated cards in the competitive queue.

“At this point, we’re fairly confident that deterministic map picks alleviate a lot of the diversity pain in map picking,” said Brian Chang, chief information officer. “Our most recent surveys also show that sentiment has improved following the changes. We will continue to monitor our data to see if any further changes need to be made, but so far the changes look good!

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