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Risen – New Blog Post Describes How Original Experience Brings to Console –

The developers at Blizzard Entertainment have shared a new blog post dedicated to the Diablo II remaster, outlining the process of bringing Resurrected to consoles to deliver an authentic and original gaming experience. Diablo II: Resurrected is bringing Hell to PC, Xbox One, Xbox X | S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 on September 23.

Design director Robern Gallerani describes the remaster as a labor of love, created to spark nostalgia among veteran players and introduce new players to the world of Sanctuary. The development process for Resurrected was aimed at building the game as players remember rather than what it actually was. The introduction of a game originally designed for keyboard and mouse controls on consoles raised a lot of questions that developers needed to answer.

“The first and most obvious change is the way a console player plays the game, namely a controller. With a keyboard and a mouse, the player acts like an “eye in the sky” telling their character what to do and where to go by clicking somewhere. Do you perform a ranged ability on a monster? Do you approach a chest and open it? Maybe you open a door? With the mouse, the main input for players is a click that transmits aim or a specific ability or action. The game then guides the character to where he can perform the action, finding a path for you. However, on a controller, the player acts more directly like their character. This is starting to have serious ramifications on several design levels, but for our players everything just needs to “work”.

Robern Gallerani then goes into great detail about how the team approached movement, targeting, looting, abilities, and balancing when it comes to controllers. Check original blog post for all the details!

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