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Sexton slams ‘intellectually indefensible’ Maddow blog post on timing of Putin’s invasion

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The hosts of the “Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show” criticized a column on the “Rachel Maddow Show” blog on Wednesday. The two hosts said the article illustrated how the media was trying to deflect any blame from President Biden and his weakness on the world stage for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Sexton, a former CIA analyst, read an article by Steve Benen, producer of Maddow’s program, which claimed that Russia chose to wait to invade Ukraine because former President Trump was giving the Kremlin what he wanted. ‘he wanted.

“Why didn’t Russia invade Ukraine during Trump’s tenure? Perhaps because Putin was so happy to see Trump pursuing goals consistent with Moscow’s agenda,” Sexton read on the blog.

“Let me say this is intellectually indefensible,” Sexton said. “It’s a moron thing here.”

Co-host Travis added that the blog was the latest example of trying to ‘cover Biden’ from domestic political fallout, as a full-scale invasion threatens to sink the US economy in part because of the decisions of the president on energy policy – ​​as well as presents the potential for larger-scale military action in the East.


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“They’re desperate to provide cover for Biden…we had a great discussion [with Trump] on Monday about the maneuvers that Vladimir Putin was trying to undertake to find himself in a situation where he could claim part of Ukraine – but sent the message that he will invade and take control of the whole country, “said Travis “And so, as a result, it’s not as bad as trying to take over Kyiv or trying to take over the whole country, and so he’s able to add those areas of eastern Ukraine to its own global footprint of Russia.”

Travis said Trump told him Russian President Vladimir Putin was never willing to take such action while in the White House; the host adding that arguments to the contrary are “fundamentally dishonest”.

Sexton went on to note how Trump was lambasted for calling Putin’s strategy “scholarly,” saying the former real estate mogul was talking about the “effectiveness of Putin’s tactics” rather than their merit or their legitimacy.

Travis later added that the media used very small snippets of their interview with Trump to further efforts like those of the Maddow blog to deflect blame from Biden and return to their favorite political flagship in the former president.

“So what you see by the way they reacted to a clip – not even a full few minutes of a discussion about Ukraine [as] a desperate attempt to try to make it look like it’s not Joe Biden’s fault,” he said. “Have you ever noticed the pivot happening?”


NBC headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Center, New York.

NBC headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Center, New York.


In the Maddow blog post, author Benen wrote how, in response to the controversy between him and the National Archives over documents he allegedly took with him home to Florida after leaving office, Trump invoked Ukraine affair, claiming in part that he was “too busy making sure Russia didn’t attack him”.

Benen wrote how Putin has targeted several former territories of the Soviet Union over the past four presidential terms, with the exception of Trump — and that, given the impeachment controversy over Trump’s overtures to the Ukraine, an invasion “risked” interrupting something Putin apparently wanted.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn of Fox News contributed to this report.

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