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Shakuro design agency publishes new blog post on 2022 design trends

Shakuro Ink, a digital design and development agency, posted a new blog post titled UI / UX Design Trends of 2022 You Need to Catch Up on. The blog post details a number of trends in UI design and user experience that will be important for designers as they transition into the new year 2022. With many designers forced to stay on top of things. house, suggests the article, they were able to innovate and design to a much greater extent to avoid the boredom of a seemingly endless house arrest. This means that there are a number of upcoming trends that this blog post can help people learn about so that they are better prepared for the future.

The first trend detailed by the new blog post from design agency Shakuro Ink is “scrollytelling”. Scrollytelling uses the scrolling feature, common to desktop browsers and mobile phones, to tell a story with scrolling illustrations, text snippets and other elements, which appear as the viewer scrolls through the screen. page. This style of storytelling allows for a more immersive experience, with viewers able to feel like an active participant in the story, as they must act to read more, and will enjoy bringing dynamic texts and other elements to their screen. When users are excited to have text appear on their screen, they’re also much more likely to read that text than if they have to click confusing menus or scroll through walls of static text to access the content. . The user only has to scroll to reveal more information, or in some cases, just tap their phone’s screen, which is a simple strategy that eliminates choice paralysis, where users don’t can’t decide what to do.

Shakuro Ink’s blog post also advises digital designers to find ways to display data in a creative and informative way, which can help the user both see the facts and understand their meaning. Data visualization is an important design skill because, while good visualization can inform people and make them more likely and able to engage with data, poorly designed data visualization can be distracting at best. viewers of the message a designer is trying to convey. communicate and, at worst, mislead and misinform people with design tricks and visual lies. Making data digestible and understandable through a quality visualization design can help viewers understand and engage in complex information without having to try to read a bunch of scattered numbers. There are many ways to display data, including tables and charts, illustrations and infographics, which can be static or interactive, or even scrolling, to help people understand complex and interconnected sets of data. .

There are many more tips like these in the new blog post from Shakuro Ink, a digital design agency, that can help readers understand how to best use design to their advantage. The article includes tips on designing useful infographics and ways for a business or organization to know if it needs to build a mobile app in addition to its mobile website. The post examines a number of use cases for building an app, such as a need for features or increased user engagement on mobile phones. The blog post also mentions 3D design, which has grown in popularity over the past few years, but requires high-performance systems to function, as they are much more resource-intensive to execute than photos or even videos. . Finally, they stress the importance of paying attention to detail when designing websites and other digital applications, as little things can make a big difference in design.

The company that published this new blog post, Shakuro Ink, builds websites, apps and more as a web and mobile design and development agency. There is much more information available on the company’s website,, for anyone interested in learning more about how they are using these trends and the fundamentals of design to manufacture great products for their customers.


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