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Twin Cities PC Repair publishes blog post on slow PCs

Twin Cities PC Repair, a Minnesota-based computer repair store, has released a new blog post on how to tell if a computer is running very slowly due to something about the computer or if the problem lies in the internet connection. Often when people find that their computer is running much slower than it used […]

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Night briefing – Green is good

Green is good I often look at the results of a survey and ask myself “is this good or not?” “ This week’s PwC study on executive compensation and its link to ESG performance is a case in point. The fact that 58% of companies now link executive compensation to their performance on various ESG […]


Where Can I Get an Emergency Cash Loan?

It’s not always predictable. Sometimes, you might be lost in the process because of an unexpected issue that needs quick access to funds to deal with the circumstance. However, as most of these situations are unexpected and unplanned You may not have enough cash to get you through the situations mentioned above. Therefore, cash loans that are […]

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Disaster Assistance Available to Qualified People in Mississippi

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is committed to helping all eligible disaster survivors recover from Hurricane Ida. Eligible individuals include U.S. citizens, non-citizen nationals, and qualified aliens. To be potentially eligible for assistance under the FEMA Individual or Family Program, applicants must be U.S. citizens, non-citizen nationals, or qualified foreigners. However, undocumented families with varying […]

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Latest New World Blog Post Takes on Spammers, Exploits, and Talks About the State of the Economy

from the new world The last blog post is long, but it touches on many different issues with Amazon’s MMO. Specifically, the New World team talks about exploits, the current state of the economy, and more in this community update. To eliminate the big problem first, from the new world a blog post talks about […]

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What does the success of COP26 look like?

The COP26 is experiencing its first major oscillation. This may seem like a slightly odd assessment for a summit that has seen its first president sacked and replaced unceremoniously, been subject to a pandemic-induced postponement, faced calls for a second postponement and experienced funding disputes with the Scottish government, strong criticism from developing countries of […]

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Blog: Post the sale of a COVID-19 representative

As if being a furniture sales representative wasn’t difficult enough before COVID-19, it’s downright crazy now. Many players in the industry are fighting their own battles with the flow of products due to supply chain disruptions and are starting to understand what place a good representative has in the sales process. Before COVID-19 shut down […]

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6 Ways To Get Your Blog Post Ranking In Google

Are you frustrated with the lack of views and engagement on your blog posts? Wondering why your blog never seems to rank in Google no matter how hard you try? This is a problem faced by many business owners. The owner invests so much time and money in creating content then gets discouraged when he […]