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The 4 main criteria for evaluating the quality of a blog post in 2019

What do you pay attention to when evaluating your work? In most cases, it’s about quality and impact. Blog posts and other types of content posted online should also be rated for quality and relevance. However, since blog posts are essential for driving website traffic, it is not easy to write a top article. Writers should be prepared to research different topics and sometimes write about intimidating things in a fun and interesting way. Thus, a notion of the quality of a blog post is complex and includes several factors. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of them.

The 4 main quality criteria for blog posts

1) Quality replaces quantity

Good blog posts should never be too long. A monotonous text annoys readers. Blogs should only be used to gain attention or give a brief overview of an issue and to inspire readers to read more and learn more. Do not write more than you need just to increase the word count. Instead, focus on the idea by being specific but concise. Readers will appreciate the effort.

2) Impact of content

High quality blog posts should be meaningful. It should contain information that calls for action, provides a firm opinion, or provides solid evidence. Otherwise, all opinions and thoughts expressed in the text are unnecessary and vague. Writers must realize the power of the content they create. Thus, they should only provide readers with credible information.

3) Dynamic tone

No one likes monotonous stories. A good blog post should be dynamic and interesting. A great blog post should include all of the above and engage readers with the topic. The information on the website is generally static because it is used to present products or services. Blog posts are generally dynamic in capturing the attention of readers and giving them more information to think about.

4) Control of titles

Good writers know that it usually takes a long time to create a good headline that grabs attention. An interesting title sets the tone for the entire blog post; thus, it is important to think about it several times so that it is catchy and able to entice a visitor to continue reading.

What Makes Blog Posts Special?

The best blog posts are the ones that encourage discussion. If you notice that some blog posts get people to voice their opinion and discuss the ideas brought up in the text, that means this post is more than successful. Usually, fun, controversial topics get more comment than serious and intimidating topics.

Make people say “I love this postIs, indeed, very difficult. Choosing the best topic for your blog post should be based on the knowledge of your target audience. If you are writing for people engaged in business or scientific endeavors, your blog should discuss professional skills, new ideas and technologies, personal development, or implementing change. If your audience is college students, write about school burden, travel, fitness, or social trends just like EssayPro does.

The best blog posts grab attention and make readers want to learn more about the topic. They are also full of external links that serve to support the writer’s opinion and share more information on the topic. The most successful blogs are those with a defined target audience. For example, Fatherly is a blog bellowed by fathers around the world for writing about their daily challenges. Greatist is a successful blog that educates people about health and fitness, providing scientific evidence. Nomad Revelations is the favorite of those who like to travel or study other countries.

You can also find blogs posting articles on mixed topics. Their content reflects current political, economic, social and technological trends. Most companies run their blogs, posting content related to their business activity.

Blog posts are essential for increasing website traffic. They also demonstrate the company’s interest in educating visitors. Good blog posts are essential to your development process as they attract potential customers and increase awareness of your business. Better traffic usually means higher profits, which is essential for the sustainability of the business. If you still don’t have your own blog, now is the time to start it.

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