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Tiger Woods posted a triumphant blog entry just days before the DUI arrest: “I haven’t felt this good in years”

The 41-year-old told how he looked forward to living with his family a month after back surgery

Woods had spoken about the quality of his recovery

Struggling golf legend Tiger Woods posted a triumphant entry on his blog just days before he was arrested for drunk driving.

The 41-year-old said he had “not felt this good in years” and was looking forward to living with his family a month after back surgery.

He was arrested and charged with impaired driving earlier this week, but has insisted to his fans that alcohol is not involved.

In last week’s blog post, Woods wrote: “It’s been just over a month since I had back fusion surgery, and it’s hard to express how much better I feel. . It was instant nervous relief.

“I haven’t felt this good in years.

Passport photo of Woods after his arrest


Jupiter Police)

The golf legend has lived through a few troubling years



“You mention the word ‘fusion’, and it’s scary. Other guys who had mergers or record replacements like Davis Love III, Retief Goosen, Lee Trevino, Lanny Wadkins and Dudley Hart… they all came back. and played.

“But more than anything, it has improved the lives of their children. It is the most important thing… that I can have a life with my children again.”

Woods addressed the issue of the potential return to competitive golf and said he is confident he has recovered enough from back surgery to regain his place on the course.

“When it comes to returning to competitive golf, the long-term prognosis is positive,” he added. “My surgeon and physiotherapist say the operation was successful. It’s just a matter of not messing up and letting it fuse,” Woods said.

“I walk and do my exercises, and I take my kids to school. All I can do is do it day to day. There is no rush.

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“But, I mean unequivocally, I want to play professional golf again.”

Woods was asleep behind the wheel of his Mercedes in the early hours of Monday morning when he was arrested by police in Jupiter, Florida.

He was woken up by an officer and failed four field sobriety tests, but scored .000 on a breathalyzer suggesting there was no alcohol in his system.

The affidavit revealed that Woods was taking four prescription drugs.

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