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Update on Scott E’s blog website removal date in light of new Maryland applicant filing deadline



Happy Saint Patrick. I thought I’d provide an update to blog subscribers on the blog’s next “retirement” date with the recently announced new application deadline in Maryland.

The new deadline for submitting candidates is April 15 and the new date for the primary election is July 19. Learn more here:

Watch Scott E’s March 17 update here:


Scott E confirms that the Blog website takedown will take place on March 23rd.

Visit this page to see the NUMEROUS Interviews with local candidates conducted to date in Carroll County and Howard County:

2022 Howard County and Carroll County Candidate Interview Schedule

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Thank you all for understanding that I really needed this break coming. There are possibilities for me to come back with something new (and improved) in the future. After seeing how much I miss this stuff, I will make these decisions.

Thank you,

Scott E.

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