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VALORANT State of the Agents blog post hints at upcoming new Agent

A new VALORANTS The State of the Agents blog post provided new information about the game’s next agent, which will have abilities that provide an “intimate feeling when hunting down enemies.”

Riot Games character producer John Goscicki revealed in the blog post that the developers came up with an idea for another agent “that revolves around the aspect of intel-gathering” like Sova. had been “at the top of the mind” for some time.

The team worked on this concept and eventually “landed in a space that has more ‘localized’ initiation and recognition tools.” Goscicki revealed that the new agent will give a “more intimate feeling when hunting down enemies”, giving fans their first clue about the new agent. The blog post ends with the Turkish phrase “Herkesin bir korkusu var,” which translates to “everyone is scared.”

The teaser image in the post also shows an office, presumably belonging to the new character. A cup of hot coffee or tea sits in the center of the desk, but fans can see an open laptop and a corkboard in the background. A picture of Sova is on the computer and Cypher is in the center of the painting on the wall. It’s unclear how or why the new character is blackmailing other agents, but it will likely have to do with their ability set.

Previous leaks revealed that the codename BountyHunter has been added to the VALORANTS game files and traces of a new Totem ability were also added. The new agent will likely have unique tools to hunt down specific characters and gather intel for their team.

Riot hasn’t revealed when the new character will be released, but fans will likely learn more information soon.

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