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Wax Dynasty publishes a blog post on CropBytes, the metaverse farming game

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Wax Dynasty, an online publication that covers topics such as NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and the Metaverse, has published a new blog post that draws attention to exciting new innovations and features offered by CropBytes, a 4 year old metaverse farm game. Those interested in learning more can read the full article at the link: and-immersive-graphics/.

Farming simulation game CropBytes launched in 2018 and amassed 400,000 organic downloads in a short time. It is an immersive crypto gaming experience that relies on the enthusiastic participation of a global community of gamers. The inclusion of in-game asset ownership allows farm owners to monetize their time investment and exchange the assets they farm for crypto financial gains. On January 20, 2022, the company released an upgraded version of CropBytes which had brand new terrain and immersive 3D graphics. After the upgrade, all existing players were able to seamlessly transfer all of their game data to the new version, just like before.

From the start, the game was built with a focus on a stable economy as its creators understood that most NFT games of this type suffer from liquidity crises and asset inflation in the years following their launch. The team behind CropBytes addressed these issues head-on during the game’s development phase.

As a result, today CropBytes offers many special features to its players such as balanced economy, real ownership, open market trading and utility based games. The company also has big plans for the future of the game, such as implementing staking, tokenization, and lending, all of which are designed to broaden the appeal of the game even further. Q1 2022’s current route is to build a guild economy that allows players to start the game with a proof-of-play concept, a luxury not offered by most other popular NFT games.

CropBytes provides ready-to-use packs of digital assets for purchase ranging from small, medium to large. Each package contains a few farm animals, soil, seeds, water and, in the large package, farming tools. Digital assets can be purchased with TRX (Tronix) or CBX, the game’s own crypto token. The CBX token is already mineable in-game and it has also been listed on popular exchanges such as ByBit, MEXC and Uniswap.

The company has also started mining the rare Superhero NFT asset in-game. CropBytes superheroes are a set of NFT superhero pets that can be traded and bred with special breed food. Each NFT superhero also has a unique buff to increase the player’s farm performance. The original price of each NFT superhero is 18,000 CBX.

The Wax Dynasty blog post features an honest critique of the game mechanics in which the reviewer praises the variety of gameplay on offer, the enjoyable music and graphics, and the engaging interaction loop that involves performing relaxing activities such as harvesting crops, feeding animals. , grind crops to make animal feed, and more. The new version also allows the player to zoom in very close to the game map, giving them a good overview of their player avatar and the assets they are building and mining.

The game also has a social aspect where players can engage in peer-to-peer superhero battles using their NFT collections of the aforementioned superhero pets. Superheroes can also be traded and bred to generate new superheroes that are a genetic mix of their parents. Players also have several ways to generate income, including placing items they’ve harvested to sell in an online store or deploying assets such as wind turbines and solar panels to generate power that can be converted to TRX. The reviewer notes that they had a very enjoyable and satisfying time with the game and were excited for what the future held.

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